Facebook Moments now lets you auto-create videos

You can now collate photos into mini videos and set them to music

Facebook's just added a new feature to its 'share your photos privately with friends' app, Moments. It can now make mini music videos with pictures from your camera roll.

Moments are groups of photos you sync and share with your friends, helping you find photos that your friends took of you. The new video feature lets you create music videos with the caveat you include at least six photos.

Customisation options are minimal: you can change the photo order and selected from a dozen music choices. Once you've created it, sharing it to Facebook is just a simple click.

It's a nice option though it won't necessarily sway people who weren't keen on adding another app just to share photos on Facebook. If you're not willing to share on Facebook in the first place, would you really share them on another app also created by Facebook? Let's hope Facebook adds the feature to regular Facebook as well.

[Source: Digitaltrends]