Facebook Messenger no longer lets friends automatically stalk you

Now, you can decide when you want to share your location to your friends

Unless you’ve switched its location feature off, Facebook Messenger has been dutifully snitching on you, revealing your location when you’re running late. Not anymore.

Its latest update, due to hit iOS and Android devices from today, removes the default location feature. No longer will it constantly map your location and send it to your friends while you chat with them. Instead, you are now given the option to share your location only when you allow it to.

The insidious blue arrow that reports your location is no more. Instead, it’s replaced by a map pin that sends either your current location or a destination to gather your friends for a quick catch-up.

The map pin, which will sit alongside other options sitting below the text entry field, is somewhat similar to how WhatsApp users send their locations within the messaging app. Which makes sense, since the said messaging app is now owned by Facebook and it shouldn't be a surprise that it'll bear some resemblance, perhaps in preparation of merging both services.

Before this, the tracking system always had its eye on you. So much, that it led to the creation of a Chrome extension called Marauder’s Map. Yes, the very same name of the magical map that tracks people’s location in the Harry Potter books. Of course, this update should break the extension, and keep your location safe from prying eyes.

Other than this new update, TechCrunch also reports that this is just the first of many updated features Facebook has planned for Messenger. This is pretty much spot on, given the fact that Facebook has been allowing third-party developers to create apps such attaching GIF files for the messaging service.

As to what they have up their sleeves next, we can only see what’s in store when the next update comes along.

[Source: Engadget via TechCrunch]