Facebook Messenger everywhere, thanks to third-party app integration

Thought you could get away from Facebook Messenger? It's going to be everywhere

At this week's F8 Facebook Developer Conference, Facebook announced its new Messenger platform that allows third-party apps to work from Facebook Messenger for iOS.

Which means, iOS app devs can now build Facebook Messenger support into their apps and some already have with some of those apps already available for download.

More than just stickers

How do you access those apps? All you need to do is tap the 'More' icon in the Facebook Messenger iOS app. A list of available apps will then be displayed and installed if you so wish.

Weirdly though while the apps are installed independently, they will send their content via messenger. Tap one of the apps from within the Messenger and the content will then be pulled from the other apps.

What kind of apps are there? There are GIF apps, video apps, collage apps and other interesting ways to bug friends on Messenger. Perhaps this could be a way to get those annoyed by Facebook unbundling Messenger app from the Facebook app to finally download the app. The greater question is, just when will Facebook expand this to Android?

[Source: Macrumors]