Facebook Messenger app adds football to its collection of mini-games

UPDATE: As if Facebook isn't distracting enough, you can now play football in your app

What else are you going to do on your phone while waiting for the weekend to come around? Play a basketball minigame, of course, thanks to Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger app apparently got a rather large update recently and that update sneakily added in a new little addition: a basketball minigame. All you need to do is send your friend (or yourself) a basketball emoji and then tap on the little basketball icon.

It’s a simple premise really. All you need to do is swipe left or right and get the basketball into the virtual hoop. You can even make it a game of sorts with your friend as the app will display the current high-score for the game between both of you. Whoever scores the highest will get a message displaying “(Friend) set the new high score of X playing basketball.”

There's more to the game than just seeing who scores the highest - score 10 in a row and the hoop starts moving. Score 20 in a row and the game gets harder. Yes, definitely try that out and let us know how it goes. So far no news have come out about people scoring in the hundreds or thousands but we are positive that is only a matter of time.

Now it is a bit sad that you’ll be playing basketball on your phone instead of meeting up to shoot some real hoops but hey, time constraints and working hours are real things.

There's more, however, to Facebook Messenger than just basketball games. Here's 11 useful Facebook tips you might have overlooked. Also, keep up with the latest on Facebook news.

Though of course, if basketball isn't your thing then perhaps type instead "@fbchess play" to have a more cerebral game of chess instead. Congratulations: you are bound to have a much less productive day.

UPDATE: If you much prefer football to other pastimes, then Facebook heard your prayers. Update your Messenger app, send a football emoji and once sent, click on the football emoji. You'll then just have to click on the football and see how many times you can virtually dribble the ball.

It's not as easy as it looks and you'll have the added bonus of judgy, judgy emojis to mock your lack of prowess.

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