Facebook Live gets into eSports, will stream ESL matches

Even more ways for Facebook to keep you distracted

Facebook is getting into eSports, and will soon be streaming live games thanks to a partnership with gaming name ESL.

CS:GO, anyone?

The deal will see Facebook livestreaming ESL tournaments and it's starting with the first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO.

Expect to see upcoming CS: GO tournaments, as well as a weekly show that will have interviews with players as well as tournament highlights.

ESL is the world's biggest eSports company with partnerships with the likes of Blizzard and Valve.

There will be at least 30 hours of CS: Go live streaming, part of ESL's RankS competition that will see 300 gamers from North America and Europe vying for a cut of the US$40,000 prize money ESL pays out each month.

In June, ESL is planning to broadcast over 5500 hours of gaming tournaments - talk about keeping you glued to your seats. 

With Facebook joining the eSports fray, it will be in direct competition with Google, Amazon and Microsoft who are also trying to compete for online game broadcasting viewership.

May the best social network win!

[Source: Fortune]