Facebook Gameroom is Steam, but for Facebook games

Hardcore Facebook gamers, we're looking at you

If you've ever wanted to play a Facebook game outside of Facebook, then the Facebook Gameroom might just appeal.

All the webgames you want

Some people have called Gameroom the Facebook alternative to Steam. Well, it is if you only like playing Facebook/web games.

You won't find traditional PC titles on here: more like the webgames we're familiar with such as Candy Crush Saga and Farmville (yes, we're amazed it's still around too).

The main difference is that the games are now ported a separate window, coded to work natively in the Facebook Gameroom environment. So you can now more easily alt-tab between your usual browser and the window your Facebook game is on. Goodbye, productivity.

As for the install process, it's a matter of downloading Facebook gameroom, installing it and then perusing the current decently-stocked library of games. If you already have a few games in Facebook, you'll see them listed under My Games.

You can try the new Facebook Gameroom at the official website here. It's just a matter of downloading the program and you'll be good to go. The app is free and available to download today.

[Source: Facebook Developers]