Facebook finally comes up with a better guide to its security settings

Confused by all those hoops Facebook makes you jump through? There's help

Frankly, a lot of people have had trouble understanding the security settings on Facebook, and some even give up on it. You tend to accidentally share what you shouldn’t or you may have logged in to a public computer without logging out. Facebook keeps trying to make it easier to understand. And now, they are giving it another shot with a new set of guides in their Privacy Basics portal.

Facebook security for dummies

The guide has been made easy on the eyes and simplified to simple slide shows that are interactive and easy to understand. There are 11 new visual and interactive guide ranging from login alerts to login approvals and password phishing to help you fully understand how to utilise the security settings options provided by Facebook.

So pop over to the Security Guide and take some time to go through the guide as it will help you reduce your fears of hacking and phishing due to the security steps that you will have taken. Facebook is always evolving and it provides guides and resources to try to deliver important information to its users.

There is also an option for you to share after you have read through the guide, like everything else in Facebook. Hey, gotta spread the love, right?

[Source: Digitaltrends]