Facebook Employees Had Access To 600 Million Facebook User Passwords

All users are recommended to change their passwords, even if they weren't affected.

Oh, Facebook. The drama just never ends, does it? It's been revealed that up to 600 million Facebook user credentials were stored in plain text, which meand Facebook employees are able to search through the personal data of its users without limits.

Facebook has revealed this after it was discovered in January through a routine security review. The company normally masks passwords using techniques that make them unreadable but according to a source who talked to Krebs on Security, this issue may have existed since 2012!

While Facebook claims to have fixed the issue and is now in the process of informing affected Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Instagram users to change their passwords as a safety measure, issues like this can't be swept under the rug. Buck up, Facebook!

In the meantime, we recommend all Facebook users to change their passwords for good measure.