Is Facebook developing a SnapChat-like app called Slingshot?

If the rumours are real, guess Facebook didn't take SnapChat's rejection too well
Is Facebook developing a SnapChat-like app called Slingshot?

Facebook could potentially be a copycat; that is, if it’s creating a video-chat app named Slingshot to go head-to-head with SnapChat.

The industry has been buzzing with rumours that the social media conglomerate has been quietly building up the app over the last few months, following SnapChat’s rejection of a US$3 billion (RM9.64 billion) Facebook buyout offer late last year.

If Slingshot is underway, its release could be a “in your face” message to SnapChat because Mark Zuckerberg really wanted to buy the app (SnapChat broke his heart twice – he also previously made it an offer for US$1 billion (RM3.21 billion)).

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Slingshot will be all about.

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Taking a shot at Slingshot

Is Facebook developing a SnapChat-like app called Slingshot?

Although Facebook has yet to officially reveal information about it, we’re taking a shot at guessing it’ll allow users to flick over videos, or maybe even images, to their friends who can view it for a few seconds before it vanishes forever (does it really on Facebook?).

This is in line with what SnapChat rolled out recently – adding a good old text messaging chat interface and a new FaceTime-like video chatting feature – to its traditional photo sharing functionality.

Sources claim the app could be launched as early as this month in an attempt to build its dwindling social messaging base, and Slingshot will most likely be a standalone app, just as it’s made its Facebook Messenger texting app (Facebook has been unbundling its social network as individual mobile services).

Either way, Facebook has got to play catch up fairly quickly if it wants to sit alongside its more popular peers.

[Source: PCmag]

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