Facebook aping YouTube with 'related videos' feature

With videos being a hot commodity, the social network will still have to contend with people who don't want Facebook accounts just to watch video
Facebook aping YouTube with 'related videos' feature

Some of you might have noticed that when you watch video from your friend's Facebook on your iOS app, Facebook now recommends other videos for you to see. That's a lot like YouTube now, so it begs the question whether Facebook is now gunning for more video presence.

No news of it showing up on Android though and the annoying bit is that video viewing on the Android Facebook app currently does not seem to be working well.

If Facebook mobile video is not quite working across all platforms then what exactly is Facebook intending? Techcrunch surmises that this could be all about the ad money. After all, it just acquired video adtech firm LiveRail. Facebook also confirmed that the mobile player did see an update, though it is more a feature for testing and it works only a small subset of Facebook users. No ads yet, either but expect Facebook to be adding them once the feature goes live for all users.

YouTube doesn't need to worry

Facebook aping YouTube with 'related videos' feature

How does the related video feature work? Well, when a video opens, a carousel of related videos pops up at the bottom. Clicking on a video will play it in the video window and you can keep clicking on the videos and they will then be displayed from within the player. Easy and intuitively designed enough for most mobile users.

The Facebook app on iOS and Android already support both photo and video uploads which is already a step towards encouraging more Facebook users to upload and share videos to the site. But to be honest, uploading to YouTube whether via desktop or mobile is a far easier experience than on Facebook.

Facebook's video uploader also does not include fun features like filters or other tweaks, in contrast with what other services like Vine and Snapchat offer. It's not enough to make uploading video easy as pretty much all the major apps already do that but it's also about making the process more fun and allowing for creativity.

Currently with users already being able to just link videos on Facebook which can then be played on mobile, not to mention the wealth of content already available on YouTube, pushing for more video on Facebook is a tougher sell.

In other news, if you prefer sharing video one-to-one, then try Facebook's Slingshot app on for size.

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