FAA says yes, you can keep your iPad on at takeoff

Except for mobile phones, it seems it is perfectly OK to keep your devices turned on during takeoff and landing

iPad enthusiasts and cabin crew everywhere must be rejoicing as soon, there will be no more asking us to turn off non-cellular devices when the plane takes off and lands.Or so says the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This will mean passengers will get to use all manner of electric devices, Kindles, Nexus 7s, the works...but they must be held on a seat back pocket. No leaving your precious electronics on the tray table, unless you want to see it flying across the aisle during turbulence.


Hold your horses.

Now while the FAA ruling has been announced, it won't happen immediately. In our neck of the woods, it will take time for local regulatory bodies and airlines to firm up policies. Read: red tape.

In the US, Delta and JetBlue have submitted their applications for an FAA assessment, which means one of them might take the title for first airline that has cabin crew only telling you to turn off your mobile phone. So just keep putting up with cabin crew treating your PSP or Nintendo DS as a flight risk until your favourite carrier gets cleared for uninterrupted electronic device use!