Eyes wide open for Fujifilm’s new X-series camera

Five years in the making, the new range includes the X-PRO 2, X70 and X-E2S

Owning a mirrorless camera is just like a graduation - from the basic, compact cameras that you’ve been using your whole life to the next step, advanced mirrorless or prosumer segments.

Five years on, Fujifilm has passed the test with flying colours through its mirrorless cameras. Dubbed with a mysterious yet premium sounding X, the X-series range gets a 2016 update with three new cameras. Starting with its flagship X-PRO 2, the line trickles down to the more newbie-friendly X-E2S.

On the compact camera front, the Japanese company has also introduced a newer, lighter X-series device, the X70, and an update to its rugged line, the FinePix XP90.