Expect a new hero in Overwatch and other upcoming goodies

Think last year's Lunar New Year event was fun? Expect more this Year of the Dog

Blizzard's Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has delivered a Developer Update address on YouTube, wishing fans a Happy New Year and teasing details of upcoming Overwatch goodness.

A lot more content

The highlight? The arrival of a new hero. Hero 27 is apparently already being tested internally, though he gave no clue as to what role the hero would play.

As with last year, Overwatch will again have a special Uprising event coming up to mark the Lunar New Year. Kaplan would only reveal that there would be “some pretty significant content that players are going to be very happy with".

He added that as far as the new Blizzard World Map was concerned, it was a “gorgeous map with tons of great Easter eggs in it” and would be both fun and competitive.

Expect tweaks to Overwatch Competitive too, along with more comics and animated shorts.

If you needed more reason to keep playing Overwatch, you suddenly have plenty.