Expect music videos coming soon to your Facebook feed

Wouldn't cat videos be easier to monetise? We'll see if Facebook gets that memo

Yes, music videos, in your feed. As Facebook is reportedly trying to set up deals with major music companies, its goal is obvious, to over take Youtube. According to reports, Facebook has been having multiple discussions and meetings over the past few weeks with multiple lables.

The terms of the deal has not been finalised yet but the social network plans to share ad revenue with the music companies. This is similar to what Youtube does to their music partners but according to New York Times, the deal that Facebook has been talking about is much better with 45 per cent going to Facebook and 55 per cent going to the music companies. Another plus in the alleged deal is that Facebook promises to clamp down faster on unauthorised content than Youtube.

This is an expected move by Facebook as speculations have been going around where the social network may launch an app that rivals Spotify, Deezer and others but that seems to be not the case anymore if this plan comes to fruition.

[source : TheVerge]