Expect the Lumia 940 flagship to be supersized

More screen space, more power

Later this year, Microsoft expects to launch the Lumia 940 and it will be replacing the current Lumia flagship, the 930.

The latest reports say that the Lumia 940 may be equipped with a sizeable 5.2in display while the Lumia 940 XL will be stretched wider with a 5.7in display. Another thing that we know is that Microsoft Windows 10 is able to support high-end processors so Microsoft may include octacore processors in the new flagship.

Finally the rear camera will boast a 24 or 25MP sensor, while the front will be either a 5 or a 8MP camera. Other features might include the ability to support native pens, iris scanning capabilities and 3D-like interactions. Also likely is dual-sim capabilities but what is certain is that the phone will be running on Windows Phone 10.

Now the bigger question is: has Microsoft figured out how to get more people to buy it?

[Source: GSMArena]