Expect Asus smartwatches in September

It's no longer about who's making smartwatches but who isn't. And Asus isn't going to be the latter
Expect Asus smartwatches in September

Asus had said that it was joining the merry smartwatch bandwagon but was quiet about actual, oh, details.

Well the guys at Techcrunch says that an Asus Android Wear watch is coming and it's likely to appear in September. What else to expect? An AMOLED display and a very sweet price point.

How sweet are we talking about? Likely between US$99 and US$149 and waiting was all about making sure they wouldn't 'rush' their efforts. LG did say that it had to leave out a heart reate monitor due to lack of time so Asus will probably not have that problem.

Asus heating up competition

Expect Asus smartwatches in September

Asus is apparently also going after a more natural user interface, though no one is sure what that means. Gestures? Voice control? Some other kind of movement? Sensors even? It's hard to tell.

Another thing: Asus CEO Jonney Shih did say that the Asus smartwatch would be more about complementing smartphones as opposed to being a standalone device. But who knows? Plans could change especially seeing how wearable tech is getting even more press right now.

Not keen to get the Asus smartwatch? Then check out the Sony smartwatchSamsung Gear Live or Kairos mechanical smartwatch.

For sure consumers are going to be spoiled for choice, but do people really want smartwatches all that much besides the Pebble-loving crowd?

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