Everything Sony PlayStation’s got prepared for you in the coming months

Sony's major Tokyo Game Show 2015 announcements for Asia in a nutshell

You might have read about Sony’s main reveals for Tokyo Game Show 2015 already, but there was whole other session held just for the Asian media. 

We found out why, because Sony had some pretty juicy details to share with us with regard to their PlayStation platforms in Asia. 

Sony is really serious about PlayStation VR

The virtual reality project formerly known as Morpheus is steadily taking shape. Sony will be showing PS VR more in the coming months, namely at big gaming events such as G-Star in Korea, and even our very own GameStart 2015 in Singapore. Remember to head down and check it out in November.

That’s not all, they’re also looking to develop more games for PS VR in Asia, and will be holding two major developer seminars in Shanghai and Seoul.

Play the field

We also saw a bunch of confirmed launch dates for several highly-anticipated gaming titles on the PS4. Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End arrives on 18 March 2016, Call of Duty: Black Ops III on 6 November 2015, and Star Wars Battlefront on 17 November 2015. They’ll all be in several local languages too.

Here comes a new challenger

Making surprising appearances were two major games: World of Tanks, and Attack on Titan.

World of Tanks has been a long-standing PC hit, so seeing it finally on PS4 is pretty satisfying. What’s even better is, the game’s 30-player multiplayer madness is free-to-play for all Playstation account holders, with lots of exclusive content at launch. PS Plus members will have even more of this content, of course. 

There aren’t many details, but we also got to see the world’s first trailer for a new Attack on Titan game for the PS3, PS4, and PSVITA by Koei Tecmo. If you’re a fan of the manga/anime, you’d probably want to look out for it.

Hardware updates

Nearly stealing the limelight from all these great games was Sony’s announcement that the PS4 will now be RM200 cheaper at just S$1599. They also unveiled four new colours for the DualShock 4 controller, seven new coloured PS4 HDD bay covers, and three new PSVITA colours. You can read more about these here

Sony really wants to make PlayStation games more relevant to the Asian market

Asia will now be getting more games localised in the major languages of traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean. Those happen to be some of the biggest gaming markets in the world – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea – so that’s a brilliant move on Sony’s part. 

We might see more Asian PC games being available on PlayStation

It’s common enough to see popular PS games being made available on the PC, but we rarely see great PC games going in the other direction, even less so for Asian games outside of Japan. 

That might soon change, with Sony looking to bring Asia’s best PC games to the PlayStation platform. This also means games made in Asia will have a chance to reach the global market, which is great for the industry as a whole.