Everyone can react more to a Facebook post with Facebook Reactions

No more one-dimensional Likes, you can finally hate on those annoying Facebook posts

Facebook listened and it delivered. Just today, the social media giant has initiated a global rollout of its Facebook Reactions, letting you do more than Like a Facebook post.

After an initial rollout in selected markets, Facebook has finally launched Reactions on a global scale. Reactions are triggered by pressing and holding the Like button on a post, which will reveal new emoticons such as Wow, Love, Laugh, Sad and Angry for you to react to posts. If you don't see it, be patient and wait for an app update to be pushed to your device.

According to Facebook, the decision to add these new Reactions were based on focus groups to determine the types of reactions most used by its users. Plus, observing how people are reacting in comments have also given them a clearer idea of how each person takes to a post.

And, did you know Facebook was also monitoring how its emoticons and stickers were used? Yes, even that also determined which basic emoticons are embedded into its Reactions feature.

So henceforth, you can post an angry reaction at videos of drivers who can't keep to their lane or laugh at your friend's epic fail post on Facebook.