Epic battles await in season 2 of Marco Polo, Netflix’s very own Asian Game of Thrones

Watch the explosive trailer here first

The timing of this premiere couldn’t be more perfect; season 2 of Marco Polo goes live globally on Netflix on 1 July right after the current season of Game of Thrones comes to an end.

If you’re going to be experiencing serious GoT withdrawal, binge-watching all ten episodes of season 2 of Marco Polo, or all 20 episodes of the Netflix original, in a single sitting should just about fix you.

The power struggles don't get any easier this time round as Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) wrestles to retain control of his empire, Marco Polo (Lorenzo Alchemy) gets involved, love and lust blossom amidst the encroaching threat of bolder enemies. Amidst the new faces wreaking havoc in the Mongolian courts, Joan Chen reprises her role as the Khan's Empress, Tom Wu as the highly skilled blind monk Hundred Eyes, and Olivia Cheng as the revenge-hungry Mei Lin.

Expect plenty of fire and war, betrayal and intrigue, and all of those other explosive elements that make for good tv that you can't tear your eyes away from. As the official art for the series suggests - there will be sneak attacks from his CoT - court, not circle, of trust. 

Watch the trailer below, get excited, and draw a smiley face - or an angry Kublai Khan - on the 1 July space of your calendar.