Enter the Omate TrueSmart - the latest Android smartwatch

Dick Tracey had a phone-watch so they're not exactly new. But while most have flopped, this waterproof badboy could have the specs to make it big

There’s been a big unveiling of smartwatches in the last couple of months, and all have been running the crowdsourcing gauntlet. Omate’s TrueSmart is just one of these and already it’s been fully funded - not even two days after it began its Kickstarter funding run. And by the looks of it, this newbie to the game is no wannabe.

A Standalone companion

It comes with a Dual Core Cortex A7 1.3 GHz processor, 3G connectivity, GPS, a 5 megapixel camera and is powered by Android 4.2.

Yes, it sounds like we could be listing the specs of a smartphone, which is exactly the aim of the Omate TrueSmart: while most smartwatches like the Kreyos, Hot Watch and Pebble are mostly companions to your smartphone, this badboy wants to stand on its own two straps.

With a micro-SIM port on the watch, you can make calls, surf, and generally do everything you can do on a smartphone. With the 600 mAH battery, Omate says there's enough juice for about 100 hours of standby time - though we figure that calling and general data usage might easily cut that down. 

Better than the rest?

This isn’t the first time an Android phone-watch has hit the market. Back in 2009, LG launched its GD910. And there's been a number of Chinese-made models too but they never really hit it off. It’ll be interesting to see if the concept from Omate makes it. Who knows - perhaps they might have timed their entry to the growing market perfectly.

You can still contribute to its Kickstarter campaign here - the prices are currently starting from US$189. Oh, and according to a video we've had a peek at, it's water-resistant and dust proof. Dick Tracey's wasn't.