The end is nigh - Google is acquiring A.I. company DeepMind Technologies

Get ready, our future A.I. overlord will soon turn on Google and enslave us
The end is nigh - Google is acquiring A.I. company DeepMind Technologies

We’ve seen enough sci-fi movies to know what Google is planning. Hello, Skynet.

The search giant has confirmed with Re/code that it’ll be acquiring artificial intelligence company DeepMind Technologies. And what exactly does an artificial intelligence company do? DeepMind's website states it’s in the business of building powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.

At least, that’s what it claims to do. Paint us skeptical, we’re maintaining a degree of paranoia about a learning A.I. which might turn psychotic and decide to wipe out humanity.

Google has been dabbling with A.I. in recent years, one of which is its very own self-driving cars. A month back, it also purchased robotics maker Boston Dynamics. Presumably, the acquisitions are top secret projects to create real-life androids that’ll theoretically do our bidding.

Theoretically. Even now, we’ve become slaves to our smartphones, so what’s to stop robots from becoming self-aware and enslaving us? Steel yourself, our future overlord has arrived.

[Source: Re/code via Reuters]

Update 28/01: Google has confirmed that it will acquire DeepMind for a cool US$400 million, adding on to its collection which includes smart thermostat maker Nest LabsNewScientist has highlighted two interesting patents filed by DeepMind that might shed some light on Google's plans for DeepMind - reverse image search.

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