EmoSpark is a real-life Samantha that exists only to make you happy

If only people could be half as sensitive as this artificial intelligence console
EmoSpark is a real life Samantha that exists only to make you happy

Good news, lonelyhearts. There’s someone, or rather something, out there for you.

You could be on your way to starring in your own version of Spike Jonze's Her with the EmoSpark, an Android-driven Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cube that utilises facial recognition software to analyse your emotions. It contains a heart called the Emotional Processing Unit to create its own feelings, unfortunately coldly named the Emotional Profile Graph. Way to objectify this machine's feelings, creators. 

Like any new human acquaintance, the sensitive cube will learn to interact with you by tentatively gauging your moods and personality based on eight primary human emotions: joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation. Like a lovelorn admirer, it then takes its emotional cues from you to emotionally morph into the soul mate you’ve always wanted.

At the beginning of your relationship, the EmoSpark can only offer up perfunctory gestures like sharing generic content via platforms like YouTube or Facebook to cheer you up. As it reads your reactions to its suggestions, it learns to comfort you better in time. It’s not just about the feels too; the EmoSpark is well-versed in over 39 million topics courtesy of Freebase, Google’s collection of online knowledge, so ask it anything at all. Except to hand you that book over there because, well, it’s a limbless cube.

Even when you’re apart, you can still interact with it via your mobile devices. It also has the ability to interact with other digital toys like the Sphero, all in the name of your happiness, or the future robot revolution.

If a compliant cube-like partner is what you've always seeked, a lifetime of self-serving companionship could be yours from US$249 (RM830). And should your relationship not work out, you can always dump it - literally.

Source: Indiegogo