Email apocalypse is nigh - Giphy for Gmail adds GIFs to your email

We foresee an epidemic of dancing cats in your inbox

Sending emails can be a boring, routine thing. That is why, between friends, we'd often prefer to send instant chat messages because you can at least break the monotony of chat with emoticons, GIFs and pictures. Giphy, a new chrome extension intends to change that by making it easier to add animated Gifs to your emails.

Download Giphy into your Google Chrome and you will be able to see a rainbow icon in your Gmail composition window, and all you have to do is select a GIF to embed into your email. Giphy works with the Inbox SDK to put Giphy right into your email composer.

The GIF format was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and became one of the first image formats used on the web. It is now probably the most used format on Tumblr. Click here to get Giphy for your Chrome and now it's just about time Facebook gets on the wagon so we can annoy people with GIFs on our FB feeds too.

Get in on the GIF Chrome phone by getting the extension here.

[Source: TNW]