Elon Musk gives sneak peek of Tesla D, hints at another surprise

Could there be not just one but two cars or is Elon Musk hiding another risky invention in his sleeve?
Elon Musk gives sneak peek of Tesla D, hints at another surprise

Looks like the Tesla D car is getting its grand unveiling on 9 Oct, thanks to a sneaky teaser by Tesla founder Elon Musk. He posted a picture on Twitter of what looks like the Tesla D's dashboard from a garage.

But funnily enough, Musk tweeted "About time to unveil the D and something else". Cue the Internet exploding in speculation as to what the 'something else' in. You can bet good money that it's probably another car. Musk has mentioned other potential models coming out in the third-generation including a smaller SUV and a more budget-friendly sedan.

More Tesla options, anyone?

Tesla has been busy tweaking its offerings, including offering up a convertible. The weird thing is that Musk had previously said the new third-gen car would be the Model III, after its intention to call the car a Model E was nixed by Ford who threatened to sue.

Other buzz online is that perhaps the D is not the car's name but a feature. A driver-less Tesla may be? Who knows at this point as besides the poster there is precious little to go on.

There have been rumours the car would be much smaller than the Model S without sacrificing the realistic range and it will be cheaper because of Tesla's Gigafactory that will be able to manufacture batteries for less.

But would people be more keen on a smaller, sportier version of the Tesla Model X? We'll just have to see next week what Musk and the Tesla guys have been up to.

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[Source: Engadget]