Electrify yourself into shape with an electro-shock suit

Suit claims to help you work out in less time

How'd you like to achieve results in shorter time rather than having to spend months on end to get that shape you want? Then you'll need the Antelope Suit.

Wearable Life Science, the developer of the suit guarantees that the suit will activate 100 per cent of your physical fitness potential whereby just 20 minutes of exercise will equal to about three hours of working out.

The suit features Electro Muscle Stimulators to super charge your muscles and you can control them via an app.

It sounds almost like a hoax (read: too good to be true) but the team that developed it has won double ISPO 2015 awards so the suit does seem to be legit. Will this be the end of gym memberships? We'll just have to see.

[source : PSFK]