Electric Objects EO1 puts digital art in the frame and on your wall

This screen is designed to be looked at, not pawed at
Electric Objects EO1

What's this? A picture?Philistine. This is the Electric Objects EO1, and it's a work of art. Several works of art, actually – it's a display with a built-in computer that's designed to bring "art from the Internet into your home."

So it's a screen, then. Yes, but a very special type of screen. It's designed to fade into the background, rather than distract you with opportunities for web browsing. No alerts or slideshows. Just a 23in 1080p display and a frame.

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What's the difference between this and just sticking a monitor on my wall? It's art, man. No, really; a monitor isn't designed to showcase art, it's designed to present a computer desktop to you. The EO1 is designed from the ground up as an art platform; it's got a beautiful minimalist frame, a single MacBook-style power cable (and no ugly power brick), a matte anti-glare finish and low brightness. And no keyboard or mouse to get in the way.

No keyboard? How do I control it?A phone app (available for iPhone and Android) lets you discover new art and display it on your EO1. It includes static art and moving images, too, if you want to stick amusing cat GIFs on your wall. Theoretically you can display anything with a URL, but Electric Objects' app will curate a selection of images that are designed for the display – with partners including the New York Public Library and the Museum of the Moving Image.


Goes nicely with your MacBook and skinny latte
Go home artwork, you're drunk
Comes with a stand or hangs on your wall

What about the specs? You don't really need phenomenal processing power to display pictures; there's a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, a 3D graphics accelerator with four shaders, two 2D graphics accelerators and 2GB flash memory. Plus 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth LE for connecting to your phone or tablet.

How much is it? You can snap an EO1 up on Kickstarter for a minimum price of US$300 (RM955), with a white or black frame. US$500 (RM1600) nets you a Kickstarter-only variant with a handmade wooden frame from woodworker Annie Raso.

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