Edyn Garden Sensor keeps the grass greener on your side

This smart sensor connects your garden to the Internet of Things
Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve

Edyn? With a "y"? Sounds like a Las Vegas stripper.Nothing of the sort – Edyn is a connected plant sensor, like the Parrot Flower Power and Koubachi. Except that where they monitor the health of your pot plants, Edyn has loftier ambitions; it's a sensor for your entire garden.

What does it do?The Edyn Garden Sensor tracks the moisture, NPK levels and pH of your soil, along with humidity, temperature and sunlight, to build up a picture of growing conditions in your garden – one sensor will cover an area of 250 square feet.

Edyn Garden Sensor
Edyn App
Edyn App

Great. What does it do with all that information? The sensor syncs up with the Edyn Cloud over 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, gathering weather data and cross-referencing it with its own measurements; the Edyn app for iPhone (an Android version is due next year) then shows all this data in a simple grid to give you a snapshot of conditions in your garden.

And what do I do with all that information?The app will send you alerts in response to changing conditions; when to fertilise your plants (and what fertiliser to use), when to water your plants – it'll even trawl its database of 5000 plants to tell you what will grow best in your garden.

Edyn Water Valve

I'll let my gardener know… You can let your gardener go; the Edyn system also includes the Edyn Water Valve. It plugs into your garden watering system and syncs up with the Edyn Cloud, watering your plants when the Garden Sensor detects that it's time. If you want to take control, you can also use the app to manually dole out water from anywhere.

Sounds good – how much is it?Edyn is currently raising funds on Kickstarter; with over double its funding goal raised already, it's definitely going into production. You can pick up a Garden Sensor for US$80 (RM260), or a Garden Sensor and Water Valve for US$160 (RM520).

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