Eclipse TD-M1: the best-looking AirPlay speakers yet?

The curvy wireless speakers your desktop deserves are coming very soon
Eclipse TD-M1: the best-looking AirPlay speakers yet?

Eclipse has been making speakers for years, but the Fujitsu-owned company has just launched what might be its most exciting pair of noise-makers yet.

The TD-M1 package consists of two compact and beautifully designed desktop speakers with built-in amplification, a high-quality DAC and wireless AirPlay capabilities that allow them to jive nicely with iOS devices and iTunes-toting computers. There’s even an iOS app for full remote control via an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

Eggs-actly the sort of speakers we want to own

Eclipse TD-M1

AirPlay playback supports CD-quality audio, but if you’re a golden-eared audiophile who demands the finest Hi-Res Audio the TD-M1s have you covered too: the DAC supports studio master quality sampling rates of 192kHz/24-bit for sources connected via USB.

We’re itching to try these out for ourselves, so look out for a review in the near future. Eclipse says the speakers will be on sale from February, but we don’t know an MY price yet. In Japan, however, the price will be 131,250 yen, which currently converts to £760 (RM4105).