EA's “World's Greatest Games Company” Vision Leads To 350 Layoffs

Those affected include those in the marketing and publishing department.

Despite being a growing industry, being involved in the video game scene continues to have  fragile job security thus far. Now EA has joined in the reformation of bettering their company... by laying off 350 of its staff in various departments, particularly in marketing and publishing. 

According to an email to employees obtained by Kotaku, EA boss Andrew Wilson said the goal is to streamline decision-making in the marketing and publishing departments following a consolidation that began last year, improve customer support, and change some of its international strategies. This move also includes closing offices in Russia and Japan. 

All this is due to the company's vision to be the "World's Greatest Games Company", based on the email. “If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re not there right now. We have work to do with our games, our player relationships, and our business.” 

EA had also sent a statement to Kotaku, explaining that in addition to organisational changes, EA is deeply focused on increasing the quality of their games and services. "Great games will continue to be at the core of everything we do, and we are thinking differently about how to amaze and inspire our players." 

After what happened with Anthem, it sure does make sense.

As for what will happen to those laid off, an EA representative has confirmed that the company would be providing severance and are working with employees who wish to find other roles inside the company. 

An employee who worked in one of the affected departments also informed Kotaku that the layoffs had been expected for a while now as EA had put hiring and travel freezes on marketing for several months. Those within marketing and publishing had been expecting a reorganisation since at least October of last year.

At least the layoffs done here seem to be handled well compared to Telltale's infamous drama of last year, but it's still disheartening to see gaming companies continue to lay off their workforce for the sake of bettering the company. Time will only tell if it really does.