EA's Origin Access now just US$35 a year

For the price of a full-game you get access to a year's worth of playtime

Fans of EA titles on PC now have a wallet-saving online option: EA Origin Access now has a yearly subscription that costs less than buying a full title.

Gaming value

Why is this a big deal? In the past Origin Access only had monthly subscriptions at US$6 (RM30) Not that expensive but with a US$35 (RM155) annual subscription, you'd save half of what you'd usually pay and less than what you'd usually pay for a full game.

With the subscription, gamers would have access to games such as Titanfall, Star Wars: Battlefront and Mass Effect in what is called The Vault. Subscribers will also get to try out brand-new releases before the general public for limited time trials.

It's a pretty tempting option for people who haven't tried titles such as the Mass Effect trilogy or Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age:Inquisition. EA also added new games to the EA Access Vault, Aragami, Furi and The Sabouteur.

Right now EA has a 7-day trial for you to try out the service. If you're a fan of the Battlefield series or EA's Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, a subscription might be much cheaper than just buying each title separately.

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[Source: Venturebeat]