Earn some Star Trek cred by learning Klingon for free

Mango Languages' new course will help you find your inner Klingon

Thanks to Mango Languages' upcoming course in Klingon, you too can learn to vjljatlh (speak) with the rest of them.


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Why learn Klingon? If you're a Star Trek fan, the answer is really "Why not?" The language, while made up, has truly gained a life of its own, with fans learning the language, composing songs and poetry and even meeting up just to both cosplay Klingon and speak the language.

The good news is that the language was created to be fairly easy to memorise: how else would actors cope? According to Mango, the course was developed by Chris Lipscombe, a renown Klingon speaker and translator who goes by the name gurgh (it means beans in Klingon, because he's a big fan of Mr. Bean).

Lipscombe in a statement said that Klingon was more than a language.  “It's also a community. We sing songs. We tell stories. Many different kinds people learn Klingon. There are doctors, programmers, builders, soldiers, performers, writers, fans, and many more. Everyone can learn Klingon.” 

Through eight free lessons devised by Lipscombe himself, learners can get a grip on Klingon conversation as well as some background and culture.

Look out for the course once it goes official 1 August. Create a profile on the Mango website and be ready to set your inner Klingon free - or at least learn new words to say in traffic. pe’vIl mu’qaDmey! (Curse well!)