EA simulation predicts Germany will win World Cup

While its World Cup 2010 prediction was spot on, don't place your bets just yet
EA simulation predicts Germany will win World Cup

Remember when EA predicted (correctly) that Spain would lift the World Cup last 2010 in South Africa? Well it's fired up the crystal ball again with its 2014 FIFA World Cup engine and after simulating the tournament scenario, it looks as though Germany will beat the home team Brazil.

EA's predictions? That the Germans win 2-1 and 35-year-old Miroslav Klose will score the winning goal. EA has a track record for this thing, having predicted eight out of the last 11 Super Bowl winners correctly.

Football simulations and predictions are nothing new, though they're more like the electronic versions of the popular 'fantasy football' model where you input data of known players and then watch whether your predictions pan out in your fantasy league.

EA's been wrong before though

EA simulation predicts Germany will win World Cup

Still, don't be place your hard-earned money on huge bets right now. EA also predicted England would reach the World Cup semifinals in 2010 which we all knew wouldn't happen.

Brazil won't count the World Cup as a total loss as EA also predicts Neymar Jr. will lead the tournament with six goals and earn himself a Golden Boot and possibly the Golden Ball award too. EA also predicts that  Italy won't advance past the group stage, Mexico being the only CONCACAF side to reach the Round of 16, and Nigeria will make it all the way to the quarter-finals but will then lose to Portugal.

Check out the results as predicted by FIFA 2014 below:


  • Brazil 1 - 2 Germany (ET)

3rd Place Game

  • Portugal 1 - 3 Spain

Semi Finals

  • Brazil 1 - 0 Portugal
  • Spain 0 - 0 Germany (Germany 5-4 pens)

Quarter Finals

  • Brazil 2 - 2 Uruguay (Brazil 4-3 pens)
  • Portugal 4 - 3 Nigeria
  • England 0 - 2 Spain
  • Germany 2 - 1 Argentina

Round of 16

  • Brazil 3 - 1 Netherlands
  • Ivory Coast 2 - 3 Uruguay
  • France 0 - 1 Nigeria
  • Portugal 2 - 0 Russia
  • Spain 3 - 1 Mexico
  • England 1 - 1 Colombia (England 4-3 pens)
  • Argentina 2 - 0 Ecuador
  • Belgium 1 - 2 Germany

Fancy replicating the results for yourself? Then get the EA Sports 2014 World Cup Brazil (next-gen console exclusive). And while you're at it, check out our review of FIFA 14 or check out the details of this year's World Cup ball the Brazuca.

[Source: Joystiq]