E-Blue gaming gear arrives in Malaysia

Along with its fully equipped E-Sports Stadium for hardcore gaming with friends

All-in-one PC gaming hardware company E-Blue has set up shop in Malaysia, and they’ve brought all their eSports gear along for the ride.

What do you mean by all-in-one?

A one-stop shop for everything competitive PC gaming related. Think keyboards, mouse, headsets and mouse pads, to chairs, sofas and desks - all designed and built for the hardcore PC gamer in mind.

E-Blue also introduced the world’s first hybrid tower-monitor called the Scion-32, and something they like to call the E-Sport Stadium, which they’re also setup in the country.

So it’s like a cyber cafe?

It’s a little more than that. Think high level competitive e-sports gear kitted throughout from top to bottom.

There are three zones - the Comfort Zone for casual gamers who want to chill out on comfy gaming sofas, the Intermediate Zone with typical gear ready-made for gamers, and the Combat Zone for hardcore players who kickass on Overwatch or League of Legends on a daily basis.

After its first E-Blue Stadium in Kota Kemuning, four E-Blue Stadiums are slated to open at Subang, Klang (near Aeon Banting), Mentakab Pahang and in Sabah.


Besides the Scion-32, what E-Blue stuff can we find here?

Check out their full line of products on their official website or Lazada, or keep abreast with their latest promotions on their Facebook page.  

Also watch out for future eSports tournaments organised by E-Blue, coming soon.