Dyson’s humidifier kills bacteria, still a fan for those hot days

None of the germs, just the good old cooling gust of wind from this silent fan

What’s this? A new Dyson Air Multiplier fan?Not exactly – but it is based on similar technology and will double as a fan if required. This here is Dyson’s new humidifier, designed to keep your home nice and hydrated during the drier winter months.

Why do I need my home to be… moist?Dry household air isn’t good for your body. It can give you chapped lips, nosebleeds and dry skin, as well as exacerbating snoring and leaving you more vulnerable to colds and flu.

UV light kills bacteria inside the Dyson humidifier

But there are other, cheap humidifiers around? Dyson’s will be pricey, no?It will be: they’ve only revealed the Japanese price thus far (the product was announced in Toyko, you see) and it’s 60,000 yen – which converts to about RM1835 at the time of writing. However…

I sense the Dyson has something special…You’re right. Dyson says regular humidifiers are pretty unhygienic: bacteria inside them can multiply and then be spread around your home. Dyson’s humidifier, on the other hand, uses UV light to cleanse the water inside, killing 99.9 percent of the dirty little life forms in three minutes. It’s the only humidifier that does this, apparently.

The humidifier will also work as a regular Air Multiplier fan

When can I buy one?Dyson hasn’t revealed the specific on-sale date, but says the UK edition will be available through its own website as well as from John Lewis. Look out for it in November.

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