Dyson Corrale Is A RM2199 Hair Straightener That Ensures Less Heat And Damage

There's even a flight mode so you can style your hair while traveling

Dyson has revealed their latest device in hair care with the Dyson Corrale, a cordless hair straightener (or a flat iron) that promises to reduce heat damage on hair by half as well as keep all your hair in place without loose strands.

Considering that Dyson took seven years of development and over GBP 25 million (about RM136 million) spent on this product, you can expect this hair straightener to come with some really impressive tech. It's also a first for Dyson in which their past hair products like the Supersonic and Airwrap focused on drying the hair, the Corrale is about smoothening, straightening and styling.

The Corrale looks like a typical hair straightener but instead of flat iron clamps, it has rounded sides and comes with flexing plates. According to Dyson, typical hair straighteners are unable to disperse heat in a uniform manner which means they will only provide heat to the thickest part of the hair, forcing users to repeat the process many times to achieve the desired look. As such, the Corrale ensures a more even straightening process that ensures all hairs remain in place and evenly heated.

The Corrale comes with three heat settings, 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F), which users can choose from. Just like the Supersonic hairdryer and Airwrap styler, the Corrale comes with an intelligent heat control technology which measures temperatures 100 times a second to ensure consistent and accurate heat levels.

In terms of battery, the Corrale has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged to 100 percent within 70 minutes when starting from zero, and can last for 30 to 60 minutes of use depending on how high the temperature is set. It is mainly a cordless device but it can also be used corded for professionals who may be working on multiple clients. On top of that, you can bring the device on flights as it hasas a flight-safe tab that you can pull to disengage the battery so you can take it on a plane! 

Of course it's mainly meant to straighten hair, but if users know how to do it on the normal hair straightener, then they can also use it to create waves, curls, or ringlets.

In Malaysia, the device will be priced at RM2199 though Dyson has yet to reveal when it will be available in the market. All you can be sure is it's coming soon.