Dwayne Johnson tag-teams with Siri for hilarious vid

UPDATE: All of the The Rock's Siri commands so you can dominate the day like The Great One

Dwayne Johnson tweeted about his latest project, with an unlikely co-star: Apple's Siri.

Hello, Dwayne

The collaboration is already out on Apple's official YouTube channel and it features Johnson going through an action-packed, 200% productive day, all with the help of Siri.

Apple has collaborated with celebrities before in promo vids before, with notable stars including Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Kimmel. Johnson's effort is themed "Dominate your day" - likely alluding to Siri's productivity potential. Whether you're Team Siri, Team Cortana or Team Bixby, the video is still worth watching for the LOLs.

The Rock x Siri

To help you be as big, bald and beautiful as The Rock, here's a list of all the Siri commands used in the clip - just in case you want to own the day with Siri yourself or reenact The Great One himself.

"Hey Siri, read my schedule.” 

Siri can open your schedule for the day, or any day without you scurrying through your calendar. Siri even keeps track of all your contact info if you need tp pull one up in an emergency.

"Hey Siri, text Chef Ludo. I wanna cook." 

The best part about using Siri is to text, and it's not restricted to the Messages app. The bulk of your contacts on WhatsApp, Line or WeChat? Use that instead. Your girlfriend forced you to download a couple chat app like Between? Yes you can send messages via Siri on that too. Messaging is the most popular use for Siri on iOS, and the most used function on Apple Watch. 

"Hey Siri, show me my life goals list.” "Hey Siri, create a new list.”

Siri can help you create a reminder or list whenever you're on-the-go, or set an alarm or timer for that instant noodle on the stove. Speaking of which...

"Hey Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes.” "Hey Siri, show me photos of my designs” "Hey Siri, read me my last email.” "Hey Siri, what’s the temperature in Rome today?” 

Give it access, and Siri can launch any app at your command (Siri tells me it "Lives to serve"). Besides texting your friends on WhatsApp, you can book an Uber ride, send cash, make a Skype video call, find photos on Pinterest or check and pay bills, as long as you've got an app for that. 

"Hey Siri, get me a ride.” 

About getting rides - While you can call an Uber, unfortunately Grab isn't friendly with Siri yet, though its possible to still open the Grab app with Siri. However, you can still get directions to that fancy café you saw on Instagram or split the bill with friends.

"Hey Siri, play my practice playlist.” 

While you probably can't play that Chinese classical instrument like The Rock, you can still ask Siri to access your favourite music, TV shows, movies, podcasts and audio books. Apart from asking Siri to pause your favourite beat, it can also personalise your listening and movie-viewing experience, including queuing up content across devices and answering questions.

"Hey Siri, FaceTime Dwayne.” 

It's the most popular use for Siri on iOS, and the first thing people do when they get an iPhone (besides asking when winter is coming). You can even set nicknames and relationships, like differentiating Denise your grandma and Denise your girlfriend. 

"Hey Siri, take a selfie.” 

Open the camera on command, or find your favourite photos in the Photo app - Siri can tell the difference between taking a picture, or taking a selfie.