Durex sets up its own tech division, hails the 'future of sex'

A Durex-led sexual revolution, anyone?

Durex is starting its own technology division, in partnership with the CEO of, all things, a dating app company. Susie Lee the said CEO is apparently a biochemist, biophysicist and visual artist who is expected to "bring a fresh perspective to Durexlabs' on evolving relationships with mobile technology". Translated into non-business speak, Durex thinks she's cool.

A rubber revolution?

From the looks of it, Durexlabs will be creating an app and Susie Lee will be consulting on said creation of the app. The Siren Mobile app however currently works on an invite-request basis and looks to be still in beta despite touting itself as one of the best dating apps out there.

Still, we're somewhat intrigued at Durex claiming that its partnership with Siren heralds the future of sex. Is Durex really just creating the next Tinder? Or will it be one of those apps that will help you get the most out of your bedroom pursuits? All Durex will say is that it thinks it's discovered mobile tech that will really spice things up. Their words. We're not kidding.

If you're keen on finding out what Durexlabas is about, then signup at the Durexlabs website. The site, however, is NSFW so please refrain from clicking on the link until you get home from the office/school/your mother's place.

[Source: PRNewswire]