Dropbox drops its prices by about 90 per cent

Makes the price-cutting move to match that of its competitors
Dropbox drops its prices by about 90 per cent

Cloud wars just got more aggressive – just a few months after Microsoft dipped the price of its OneDrive storage options, Dropbox has come out to do the same with its Cloud storage plans.

They aren’t the only two in the boxing ring – Apple, Google, and Amazon too recently made moves to make their storage options viable to consumers.

The third-party service provider’s decided to chop the price of its Dropbox storage offering. But if you thought it’s taking just a few dollars off it, maybe we should replace the word “chop” with “nosedive” because it’s plunged its price by 90 per cent – that’s 10 per cent away from making it completely free.  

Now, 1TB of Dropbox storage will cost you US$9.99 (RM32) a month or US$99.99 (about RM318) a year, replacing the multiple pricing options it had. Previously, 100GB of storage cost US$9.99 (RM32), while 200GB and 500GB of it cost US$19.99 (RM64) and US$49.99 (RM159) per month, respectively.

“We want people to rely on Dropbox as the home for all their stuff as opposed to thinking of it as a fixed storage limit,” Dropbox head of product, Wang ChenLi, was quoted saying.

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Apparently, the move was made to bring it closer to Google’s pricing model – it costs US$9.99 a month for 1TB too. However, don’t let the “90 per cent” drop fool you; it might sound like it’s one of the cheapest plans around but it actually isn’t.

Microsoft’s OneDrive still sits as the cheapest Cloud storage alternative, costing just US$2.50 (RM8) per month for 1TB of storage.

Besides the change in its pricing model, Dropbox’s also introduced three new sharing features, namely view-only permissions for shared folders, putting passwords on shared links, as well as remote wipe.

Will this make more of you jump on the Dropbox bandwagon? Only time will tell.

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