Dropbox adds Office integration to its mobile apps

Both iOS and Android users get to enjoy this very productive apps
Dropbox adds Office integration to its mobile apps

Dropbox had announced its partnership with Microsoft earlier this month and made good on it with its latest update. The Android and iOS apps now support opening file formats supported by Office and editing them with Office apps.

You will likely notice this new addition – an ‘edit’ button when viewing a Dropbox document. You will have to download the relevant Office app if you don’t have it already.


Look out, Google

The good news is that Office apps on mobile are already free, without needing to purchase an Office 365 subscription like previously.

What we’re anticipating is full integration with Office Online, which will suit those who would rather not download additional apps. That update is only likely in 2015, though.

Dropbox has been facing competition from, among others, Microsoft's own One Drive but Microsoft has wisely decided to also partner with Dropbox instead of stubbornly locking it out.

A partnership between the two companies makes sense against the juggernauts Apple and Google. Apple hasn't quite gotten that much market share with iCloud but Google's Drive is still a mainstay for many already using Google products like Gmail and Chrome.

The average business document user will still prefer Microsoft's Office products and having mobile versions of them free will give them more incentive to stay in the ecosystem.

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[Source: Mashable]