Drop everything and watch UrtheCast's cameras blast towards the ISS

Like rockets? Then you won't want to miss the launch of two cameras into orbit
Drop everything and watch UrtheCast's cameras rocket towards the ISS

Canadian company UrtheCast is launching a camera system into orbit at 11am PST (3am Malaysia time) today, with the aim of attaching it to the International Space Station.

The dual camera system will provide the world's first live-streamed HD footage of Earth from the ISS, with one fixed camera and another manouverable one which can be fixed on points of interest, with the ability to provide data during humanitarian disasters.

We'll also be able to look down on Earth from the heavens, making us feel small and insignificant. 

The cameras themselves will need two space walks in December in order to be properly attached to the ISS and footage is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2014 – remember to smile and wave when it does.

If you missed the launch, don't worry. Sign up here and once the cameras are installed on the ISS, you'll get to see Earth like in a whole new perspective.