Drop everything and try: Streamnation

The cloud-based media service now supports the lending of videos and photos to friends


Yep that's right: Streamnation. It’s a free web service that has been around for a little while, but now lets you share movies, TV shows and photos not just across all your devices but with your friends. There's nothing else quite like it around.

How does that work?

It’s simple: you upload video or photo files to a cloud locker. By default they’re private and only accessible by you, but if you wish you can share them with other users with which you’ve connected. These users can click on your profile, browse your shared files and view whatever they want instantly.

They have exclusive access to this content for 24 hours, during which time you (or anyone else on your friends list) won’t be able to access it – sort of as if you’d lent them a DVD.

Do I have to watch on my computer?

Thankfully, no. You can view files through your computer’s web browser, an iPhone or iPad, and potentially a TV: if your telly is using Google Chromecast or is connected to an Apple TV, you can cast from a Chrome tab or use AirPlay respectively to get it up on the bigger screen.

And the legalities of all this?


That’s what concerns us. Sharing your own photos and videos is one thing, but copyrighted content such as downloaded movies or TV programmes is another matter entirely. Historically the companies that create and regulate these things have been quick to shut down services like Streamnation.

Streamnation’s creators – one of whom is Deezer co-founder Jonathan Benassaya – would doubtless point to the 24-hour watching period and ‘lending’ aspect of the service as signs that it’s not aiding the distribution of copyrighted material. But still, we’re not convinced that’ll wash with the MPAA and their ilk.

How much storage do I get?


You get 2GB of free storage from the get-go, and can expand this by a further 8GB by referring friends, tweeting about Streamnation and so on. You can also purchase upgrades, with a US$9.99 (RM32) monthly fee giving you 500GB and a US$19.99 (RM64) fee removing all limits.