Drop everything and try: Seene

This clever app turns your iPhone into a rudimentary 3D scanner, letting you capture and post images that appear to move.
Capturing a seene

You might have thought photo sharing apps had been exhausted, but London firm Obvious Engineering has created something unique - Seene, an app that can capture basic a series of images, and turn them into an interactive 3D scene you can 'look around' by moving your phone.

Creating a Seene

The first time you see an image created with Seene, it's a little disconcerting.

Move your phone, and the image moves with you, making the image appear 3D - it's like Apple's parallax effect on steroids.

What's more, the app lets you easily create your own 3D images to play with, and it's incredibly easy to do so.

'Seene lets you capture life with beautiful 3D photos,' Obvious Engineering, the London firm behind the app, says.

'You can share these life-like three dimensional seenes of the world around you with your friends, family and followers.'

Download the Seene app here.

How it works

The ‘seenes’ are images mapped onto a rough 3D model of your subject that give the feeling of being able to shift perspective even after you’ve shot it.

When you create them, a series of dots appear on the images, showing the perspective points the app can use to build its 3D model - the more, the better.

It then asks you to move the phone around and take a series of pictures.

These images are then mapped onto the model to create your seene.