Drop everything and download: Memoji

Harness your selfies into meme-y goodness

If you've gotten tired of sending the same old memes and GIFs to your friends, check out a new iOS app that lets you turn your selfies into GIF fun.

Quick emoji fun

The app is fairly simple to use. Download it, start it up and then choose from a selection of emojis displayed at the bottom of the screen. At the moment, the emoji list isn't extensive: just 11 of perhaps the most commonly used emoji.

Still, what it lacks in choice it makes up for in ease of use. GIFs can usually take a bit (not necessarily a lot) of work but Memoji simplifies it considerably.

Besides using your selfies, you can use photos of people. Sadly it doesn't support emoji-ing photos of animals.

The results? Rather hilarious. The app adds animations to your picture, slightly morphing your face into various expressions that include making a kissy-face, having clouds of steam coming out of your face or having sunglasses pop out of nowhere to fall on your face.

It is only available for iOS at the moment but the company hasn't ruled out making an Android version.

Download it free from the App Store here.

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[Source: Verge]