Drone enthusiasts, here’s a heads up: GoPro might be making drones of its own

We don’t see why not – its action cameras already get paired with other drones
Drone enthusiasts, here’s a heads up: GoPro might be making drones of its own

When we say GoPro, what is the first thing that pops on your mind? If it’s one of its action cameras, you’re on the right track – it’s known for this technology. But soon, you might be associating the brand with another technology.

A report from the Wall Street Journal has indicated that the action camera manufacturer might be dipping its toes into the aircraft space; and by that, we don’t mean the huge Boeing carriers but rather, the smaller multi-rotor drones, putting it in competition with the likes of Parrot, DJI, and 3D Robotics.

Many people have been purchasing GoPro’s portable cameras to mount on their drones, so we see it as a natural fit for the company to be making this move if it is indeed something it’s working on.

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The drone market is also one that is quickly expanding, with a few competitors starting to make their own drones with built-in cameras (like DJI’s 4K camera equipped one). Now, that would mean there would be less of a need for GoPro’s technology, cutting it off from the action unless it makes its own drones.

And it’s a gamble that GoPro can afford – it most recently went public (it’s IPO was sometime in July), with the company making huge percentage gains on its shares since then.

It’s been said that the drones (with attached HD cameras) will hit mass retail sometime late next year, and that their pricing will sit between the US$500 (RM1673) and US$1000 (RM3345) bracket. Depending on when exactly they launch, you could perhaps gift them for Christmas next year.  

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