DriveSafe Glass app stops you nodding off at the wheel

New app uses smart specs' sensors to detect drowsiness – if you're allowed to wear them in your car, that is
DriveSafe for Glass

The Department for Transport may be mulling a ban on Google Glass in cars, but one developer reckons it can actually make driving safer.

DriveSafe, a new Glass app, is designed to stop you nodding off at the wheel.

DriveSafe uses the smart specs' IR light sensor and tilt sensor to track your eye blinks and the position of your head; if you seem to be falling asleep, it alerts you using Glass' audio. Two quick taps on the side of the headset will direct you to the nearest rest stop.

Smart driving

DriveSafe for Glass
DriveSafe for Glass

Glass users who want to try DriveSafe out will have to load it onto their headset without using the MyGlass store, as it's still in beta. That also means that the app comes with a disclaimer stating that it's "not yet guaranteed to stop you from falling asleep while driving and should not be relied on to do so."

A number of car manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda and Volvo, include similar fatigue detection systems in some models – but another option can't hurt. In the meantime, it's another round in the seemingly inevitable battle between legislators and smart eyewear advocates over the use of Glass and similar devices in vehicles.

[Source: PC World]