Dragon Age fans, the Inquisition is coming for you at 11pm

Preloaded game owners who pre-ordered can start playing tonight at 11pm
Dragon Age fans, the Inquisition is coming for you at 11pm

If you believe the game reviews so far, Dragon Age:Inquisition (DA:I) looks set to be the best fantasy RPG of the year. It officially releases tonight at 11pm, MY/SG time but you can preload the game in advance as of Nov 15.

It is an over 20GB download on PC but it's twice that on consoles, so if you have already bought the game best get to downloading, stat.

Skryim? Never heard of it

Dragon Age fans, the Inquisition is coming for you at 11pm

Dragon Age II had proved a massive disappointment to fans, with accusations of EA rushing the game too fast and unfavourable comparisons to that other dragon-killing game, Skyrim.

Fortunately Bioware responded well, promising that the next Dragon Age would not suck. The game's launch was even pushed to Nov 18 this year from its earlier Fall 2013 release date so as to deliver a game with as much polish as you could expect from first release.

What can you expect from DA:I? It'll be a lot more like the original Dragon Age: Origins, allowing a lot of character customisation as well as a strong focus on crafting and customisation. Reviews so far estimate that the more open world nature of the game will deliver up to 70-80 hours of gameplay, and that's not even taking into account the new (for Dragon Age) multiplayer feature.

If you played Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, you can carry over your decisions from those games by saving them in the Dragon Age Keep, a website that helps you custom create the world of Thedas as you like it.

On a sadder note, spare a feel for your gamer brethren in India, where DA:I has been banned apparently for portraying homosexual relationships in the game. Redditors have confirmed the ban, that has led to Origin having to cancel orders in the country. With cases like this, it looks like there will still be a market for physical game copies.

The game is on ready to purchase on Origin so hop to it, wannabe dragon slayers!

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