Download iOS 10.1 now to get Portrait mode on your iPhone 7 Plus

Apple Watch and Mac updates available too

You are going to be very happy today with the fresh load of updates available for your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac. It's the next best thing to getting new hardware. 

When we reviewed the iPhone 7 Plus, our unit hadn’t even received the Portrait mode feature - one of the biggest highlights of the phablet. Want all your photos of people to look beautifully cinematic? Go to Settings, then General, and then Software Update to see the latest iOS 10.1 update. If you’ve been faithfully checking in for an update for your iPhone 7 Plus in the hopes of receiving Portrait mode, all your bokeh desires will be fulfilled today. 

Just a word of warning, the Portrait mode is in beta so if it doesn't work perfectly, rest assured that fixes will be coming your way in the future. 

Don’t forget to back up your iPhone first before embarking on this brave new updating adventure.

Aside from that major change for iPhone 7 Plus users exclusively, iPhone 7 users also get a bunch of bug fixes as well as updates for Messages and the Apple Watch app.

While it's the iPhone that's receiving the biggest update, the rest of your Apple family won't be left out either. You're going to be busy tonight sprucing up your Apple Watch and Mac with the latest software.


watchOS 3.1 drops today, too

If you have an Apple Watch, get on the latest watchOS 3.1 update to enjoy the replay of effects in Messages aside from the usual fixes for niggling bugs like disappearing Activity Rings and unavailable Force Touch actions. 

macOS hasn't been left out either

Already on macOS Sierra? The 10.12.1 update will improve your Mac's overall performance by making sure your Apple Watch unlocks your Mac reliably as well as adding a Depth Effect smart album in Photos for you to gawk at your newly taken Portrait photos.