Dota’s The International prize pool is biggest ever at US$20mil

Thanks to sales of Compendiums, Dota 2 professionals will have a lot to fight for

Each year, the Dota 2 prize kitty for The International (TI) gets bigger. This year is no exception as it’s currently standing at over US$21 million of (RM90.2 million).

Fans making it worth it

While Valve chips in US$1.6 million, the rest of the TI funds is crowdfunded via sales of what is called a compendium. It’s basically a bundle of in-game goodies, where 25 per cent of the proceeds will go to the pool.

That means players have basically helped subsidise the pool with the in-game purchase - that’s a lot of players, especially considering Valve has made it so that only one compendium can be bought per account.

The pool is currently the biggest prize pool ever in e-sports history. Valve has also recently announced that it is making qualifying via third-party tournaments the primary means of making it to the TI finals, after a lot of criticism over its handling of Majors tournaments.

Will we see other big e-sports games rivalling Dota 2 in the prize pool stakes? At the moment it seems unlikely but as e-sports matures, all bets are off for now.