Dota 2 update will make it more newbie-friendly

Now if only Valve could weed out the toxic players for everyone , that'd be great

Valve's Dota 2 is still king of the MOBAs but with competition in the online gaming arena, a new update is coming to entice new players into the game.

Easier learning curve

New players will be restricted to a curated roster of 25 heroes - but it's not a bad thing.

These 25 heroes were selected as they are seen as the best to help newbies learn the ropes of Dota 2. It will probably also lessen the irritation of players who have to play with newbies.

New players will also be matched with players with high behaviour scores; basically people who aren't known to be toxic in-game.

This might help keep new players from leaving either because of Dota 2's steep learning curve or because of awful players.

Now if only Valve would figure out how to help us all not be stuck with one of the worst things about Dota 2: badly behaved players.