Dot: the app that lets you map trashcans, parking spots and more

Bookmark everything and anything, just because you can

Have you ever travelled and had a tough time looking for locations such as a public toilet, water fountains and even trashcans? Imagine an app that lets you place pins onto anywhere on the map, even pin the location of the trashcan that is nearest to your hotel. 

Dot is a quirky little app that lets you do just that by placing a dot on any location that you have visited on the map and leave messages for your friends or the next person to find. You can even add hashtags to categorize your tags and your dots and other people's dots will be distinguished by color.

What makes Dot so special is that it is an app that has the potential to do anything. Even Dot's founder Christian Verschaeren said "We don’t impose a theme, subject, or way of using Dot. If you want to use it to map art-deco fire hydrants, you can. If you want to find or review coffee places, you can. And if you want to use it in any personal way, you can do that too", supporting the direction of the app.

A good example is if and when you travel and spot art-deco fire hydrants and decide to dot them. Eventually you are able to dot all of them in the city, the app will create a unique map with your username on it and you are allowed to use it in any personal way. The similarity of this feature to Google's Create a Map is uncanny but it is much more straightforward. Version 1 is only available for  iOS but the team is already working on a version for Android in the upcoming update which will also integration with social media, ability to change name of dots and upvoting of comments.

Download it free from the App Store.

[Source : TheNextWeb]